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DELRIN® 570 - 20% glass fiber filled

DELRIN®570 Shapes manufactured by Ensinger are 20% glass filled materials intended for general industrial use. The material offers very high stiffness, low warpage, and low creep for superior part performance under stress.

  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Glass fibers offer stiffness but not reinforcement
  • Good machinability

DELRIN® 570 is used in a variety of industries such as automotive or construction where added strength and stiffness are desirable.

Properties Condition Value   Test Method Comment
Mechanical Modulus of elasticity (tensile test)   340,000 psi ASTM D 638  
Tensile strength at yield   8,700 psi ASTM D 638  
Elongation at yield   10 % ASTM D 638  
Notched impact strength (Izod)   0.80 ft-lbs/in ASTM D 265  
Rockwell hardness M Scale 81 % ASTM D 785  
Thermal Melting temperature   347 °F 1) 1) Injection molded data
Deflection temperature @ 264 psi 311 °F ASTM D 648 1)  
Service temperature Long term 185 °F -  
Service temperature Intermittent 300 °F -  
Electrical Specific surface resistance @ 73°F 200e+15 Ω ASTM D 257 1)  
Dielectric strength @ 73°F 452 V/mil ASTM D 149 1)  
Dielectric constant @ 100 MHz; 73°F 3.8   ASTM S 150 1)  
Other Moisture absorption @ 24 hrs, 73°F 0.15 % ASTM D 570  
Flammability (UL94)   HB   2) 2) Injection molded data (1.5mm thick)

This information is only to assist and advise you on current technical knowledge and is given without obligation or liability. All trade and patent rights should be observed. All rights reserved. Data obtained from extruded shapes material. DELRIN® - Registered trademark of DuPont.