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About Ensinger

  • Background
  • Guiding Principles

Ensinger's North American operations focus on processing high performance engineering plastics in our manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, Delaware, Texas, Connecticut and our North American headquarters in Washington, Pennsylvania. Our main objective is to expand the market for engineering plastics by combining our extrusion, casting, compression and injection molding expertise with our knowledge of high performance polymers and applications, and thus provide our customers with a variety of options as they push the envelope of innovation and part design in their respective industries.

Ensinger's North American businesses consist of

Ensinger Inc. - Extruded and cast stock shapes; sheet, rod and tube

North American Headquarters:
365 Meadowlands Blvd.
Washington, PA 15301
(724) 746-6050
(800) 243-3221 Sales
(800) 869-4029 Technical Service
(724) 746-9209 Fax

Ensinger/Penn Fibre - Extruded thin gauge sheet, coil, strip and punched parts

Sales and Administration:
2434 Bristol Road
Bensalem, PA 19020
(215) 702-9551
(800) 662-7366 Sales
(215) 702-9552 Fax

Ensinger Special Polymers - Compression molded shapes and parts

Sales and Manufacturing:
12331 Cutten Road
Houston, TX 77066
(281) 580-3600
(281) 580-3608 Fax

Ensinger Cast Nylon - Custom cast nylon parts and near net shapes

Sales and Manufacturing:
1 Main Street
Grenloch, NJ 08032
(856) 245-9314
(800) 243-3221 Sales
(609) 784-7944 Fax

Ensinger Precision Components - Custom injection molded components, mechanical drive and conveyor components and PEEK Tubes

Sales and Manufacturing:
11 Danco Road
Putnam, CT 06260
(860) 928-7911
(800) 752-7865 Sales
(860) 928-2229 Fax

Honesty, integrity and longevity are just a few of the characteristics that customers will be able to count on when dealing with Ensinger. Below is a list of Ensinger’s Guiding Principles – the rationale by which we run our business. Consider these when deciding which plastics manufacturer you think will help you achieve your growth objectives.


We promote the use of engineering plastics in trade and industry, and develop individual solutions for our customers.

Customer Orientation

We provide products and services that benefit our customers, and that give them competitive advantages. Our solutions are innovative, of high quality, functional and economical.

Leading Role

We take a leading, determining role in the markets that we enter.


We are active world-wide, and strive for continuous growth, which is made possible by more and more new products.

Continuous Improvements

We will consistently optimize our internal processes, in order to manufacture excellent products, to achieve maximum productivity, to avoid waste of any kind, and to further lower costs.


We strive for fair, balanced relations with our business partners, and nurture longterm, stable relationships.


We desire to make a profit that will allow us to ensure the existence and the further development of the company and to provide an adequate return on the invested capital.

Employee Potential

Our company is formed by committed, qualified employees. We promote the professional and personal development of our employees and the transfer of knowledge and experience within the company.

Sense of Responsibility

From our employees, we expect a high degree of initiative, readiness to assume responsibility, a will to work, openness to innovation, and flexibility. From our managers, we expect far-sighted, circumspect action, identification with the company’s objectives, and exemplary leadership.


We make our contribution to the protection of the environment, and, as citizens of state and city, will think and act responsibly towards fellow-citizens.