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Applications / Automotive

The ability to hold tolerances through a temperature cycle or withstand variable temperature swings are important for plastics being used in the automotive industry. In addition to handling temperature, Ensinger plastics provide the dimensional stability and wear resistance needed for a variety of component applications. Components machined from Ensinger stock shapes have been used in large automated paint systems and automotive curing ovens, as well as applications as simple as a windshield wiper mechanism.

Ensinger TECAPEEK GF30 Application

  • 30% Glass filled PEEK
    • Electronic Stability Program (ESP) – Test Plug
    • Requirements
      • Good sliding properties; low wear
      • Electrical Insulation
      • Ability to achieve precision placement of test plug holes; dimensional stability

Ensinger Delrin® 150 Application

  • Windshield wiper mechanism
  • Requirements
    • Dimensional stability
    • Wear resistance
    • Variable temperature swings

TECAMID® Nylon Application

  • Masking fixture for automated paint system - automotive curing oven
  • Requirements
    • Inexpensive
    • Dimensional stability at high temperature (185°F)
    • Hold tolerance through a temperature cycle