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Ensinger Food Grade Plastics - History of Innovation
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Applications / Food

Resistance to washdown chemicals, dimensional stability, and machinability are some of the characteristics that make Ensinger plastics ideal for use in the food industry. Plastics used in food processing machinery are FDA and 3A Dairy compliant when required. In certain applications where lightweight plastic components replace stainless steel in food processing equipment, Ensinger offers an acetal product that is detectable by metal detectors to help ensure quality control on the processing line. Ensinger plastics are routinely used for components in food product machinery and packaging equipment in a wide variety of food processing applications.

TECAFORM UD Blue - Application

  • Pump Impellor
  • Requirements
    • Good Wear Resistance
    • Good Chemical Resistance
    • Metal Detectable, X-ray Opaque, Optically detectable food grade blue color

Hydex® 4101 - Application

  • Poultry processing wing splitter
  • Requirements
    • Extreme resistance to wash down chemicals
    • Toughness and machinability

Hydex® 4101 - Application

  • Filler valve body
  • Requirements
    • Resistance to wash down chemical solutions
    • Good dimensional stability and machinability


  • New metal detectable acetal
    • Kettle scraper blades
    • Requirements
      • Good wear resistance
      • Good chemical resistance

"Our opportunity arises due to problems with breakage of highly stressed plastic parts during food production"


  • Typical application
    • Food patty forming plates
    • Stainless plates are heavy, hard to maintain
    • Standard plastic plates can break contaminating food