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TECAPEEK polyetheretherketone (PEEK)
TECAPEEK® stock shapes are made exclusively with Victrex PEEK polymer. TECAPEEK is a unique, semi-crystalline, high temperature engineering thermoplastic. It is an excellent material for a wide spectrum of applications where thermal, chemical, and combustion properties are critical to performance.

DELRIN acetal homopolymer
DELRIN® is a crystalline plastic which offers an excellent balance of properties that bridge the gap between metals and plastics.

TECAPEI Polyetherimide (Ultem)
TECAPEI™ is made from Sabic Innovative Plastics' Ultem® 1000 and 2000 series resins. The unreinforced 1000 series materials are translucent amber in color, and combine exceptional mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. The addition of glass fiber reinforcement in the 2000 series, coupled with Ensinger's proprietary extrusion techniques, provides the TECAPEI™ with both greater tensile strength and rigidity, while also improving dimensional stability.

TECAFORM AH acetal copolymer
TECAFORM® AH is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic offering high strength, stiffness and toughness. TECAFORM® AH is resistant to hot water, hydrocarbons and solvents, and it possesses good bearing and wear properties.

TECAMID 66 nylon 66
TECAMID extruded nylon has been used in applications ranging from electronic, marine, and automotive industries. It has outstanding wear resistance and low frictional properties.

New Ultra Detactable PBT Engineering Plastic Ideal for Food Equipment Components

HYDEX 4101 UD Blue New HYDEX® 4101 UD Blue ultra detectable PBT from Ensinger, Inc., offers food equipment designers the flexibility of an engineering polymer that is visible to food conveyor line optical, x-ray, and metal detection systems.

Ensinger in Medical Applications

  • Medical market experience and technical expertise
  • Materials that can withstand any sterilization method
  • Test results that reflect current regulatory requirements

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