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Product Overview - High Performance > 300°F

Ensinger's High Performance category consists of materials designed to withstand the most severe environments. Lighter than most metals, these materials offer weight savings that have the potential to drive lower cost systems. These products also typically have significant resistance to harsh chemicals, and of course the ability to survive and perform in extreme temperatures.

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) - TECAPEEK®

One of Ensinger's most versatile materials, TECAPEEK, is available in a variety of grades to suit your particular situation. All of Ensinger's TECAPEEK product line utilizes Victrex® PEEK™ polymer.

It is an excellent material for a wide spectrum of applications where thermal, chemical, and combustion properties are critical to performance.
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TECAPEEK PVX is Ensinger's superior bearing grade PEEK. It combines the natural high temperature characteristics of TECAPEEK with substantially improved friction and wear properties
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TECAPEEK GF30 glass filled PEEK
TECAPEEK GF30 is Ensinger's 30% glass fiber reinforced TECAPEEK product. It offers enhanced mechanical and thermal properties over those of our basic TECAPEEK offering.
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TECAPEEK CF30 carbon filled PEEK
TECAPEEK CF30 is a 30% carbon filled version of Ensinger's standard TECAPEEK which offers improved strength and stiffness
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TECAPEEK CMF ceramic filled PEEK
TECAPEEK CMF offers a property profile well suited to semiconductor back end test applications such as test sockets. The material exhibits surface hardness and inherent toughness along with dimensional stability and machinability.
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TECAPEEK ID metal detectable PEEK
As engineers continue to push the limit of what they ask their high performance engineering materials to accomplish on the production line, the need has arisen for thermoplastics that in the unlikely event of their failure, will reduce the risk of product contamination,
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TECAPEEK ST high temperature PEEK
TECAPEEK® ST is a multipurpose semi-crystaline material from the polyaryletherketone family based on PEKEKK that features improved mechanical properties at higher temperatures.
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TECAPEEK UD blue ultra detectable PEEK

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Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) - TECATRON® PPS

The TECATRON family of materials exhibits most notably excellent chemical resistance, as well as low levels of creep and high levels of dimensional stability. It is also inherently flame resistant.

TECATRON PPS is a high performance thermoplastic that combines good mechanical properties with excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties. There is no known solvent that dissolves TECATRON PPS at temperatures below 392°F.
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TECATRON® PVX bearing grade PPS
TECATRON PVX is a bearing grade PPS that has very good sliding and friction values and is suitable for high load applications.
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TECATRON® GF40 glass filled PPS
TECATRON GF40 is a 40% glass reinforced material that offers extremely high strength along with excellent chemical resistance properties.
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Polyetherimide (Ultem®) - TECAPEI™

TECAPEI is an amorphous thermoplastic polyetherimide made from Sabic's Ultem 1000. It combines exceptional mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. Natural TECAPEI (unfilled) is a translucent amber material.

TECAPEI unfilled Ultem
TECAPEI™ is an amorphous thermoplastic polyetherimide (PEI) made from Sabic Innovative Plastics' Ultem® 1000 and 2000 series resins.
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TECAPEI GF30 glass filled Ultem
Ensinger's standard grade of 30% glass fiber reinforced ULTEM 2300 for use when looking for the maximum improvements to tensile strength and rigidity, as well as increased dimensional stability.
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Polyamidimide (PAI) - TECATOR

TECATOR is a high performance melt processable polyamide-imide, that maintains its excellent mechanical and wear properties in temperature environments exceeding 500°F. It is available in a variety of grades to suit your particular need.

TECATOR TI5013 unfilled PAI
A high strength structural grade featuring good electrical properties and strength, making it ideal for demanding applications at a broad range of temperatures.
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TECATOR TI5031 bearing grade PAI
TECATOR T15031 offers high PV capabilities in bearing applications, primarily at high loads and low speeds.
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TECATOR GF30 glass filled PAI
TECATOR GF30 (XP142T) is a 30% glass filled grade, compression molded with superior stiffness and dimensional stability. It is available in a wide variety of custom tube, ring, rod and plate sizes.
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Polyimide (PI) - TECASINT™

TECASINT polyimides are among Ensinger's highest temperature capable product lines. The materials exhibit excellent thermal stability across temperatures ranging from -454°F to more than 572°F, depending on the grade.

TECASINT 2011 unfilled PI
The TECASINT 2000 series offers enhanced thermal properties along with lower moisture absorption, a higher degree of toughness, and better machining properties.
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TECASINT 2021 graphite filled
The TECASINT 2000 series offers enhanced thermal properties along with lower moisture absorption, a higher degree of toughness, and better machining properties.
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TECASINT 1000 series
Offers extremely good dimensional stability along with good sliding properties and wear resistance.
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Sulfones - TECASON®

The TECASON product line consists of amorphous materials that bring with them some unique performance characteristics. Among these is their ability to withstand the rigors of steam sterilization, otherwise known as "autoclaving". Because of their resistance to this form of cleaning, they are often used extensively in medical applications.

TECASON S Polysulfone
TECASON S is a translucent engineering plastic known for its chemical resistance, rigidity, high-temperature performance, and its ability to operate in an autoclave environment.
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TECASON P Polyphenylsulfone
Offering a level of performance above polysulfones, TECASON P has increased temperature, impact and chemical resistance properties as well as excellent resistance to repeated steam sterilization (autoclave) cycles. It is specifically designed to remain dimensionally stable under these conditions and is available in both opaque and transparent grades.
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TECASON P MT (medical grade)
TECASON® P MT series products are targeted at a number of applications in the medical industry.TECASON® P MT is often used in applications for surgical tools and instruments because of its resistance to autoclave sterilization damage. A second market for TECASON®, it is also a popular material choice for trials used in joint replacement surgeries.
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TECASON P XRO x-ray opaque
TECASON™ P XRO has been formulated to allow clear visibility of an instrument on fluoroscopy and xray during minimally invasive and image guided surgery. Thus providing an exceptional benefit to the user.
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