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Paper published in IAPD details the important considerations medical manufacturers must account for when developing products.
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Advancement of Thermoplastics in Aerospace
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Ensinger Food Grade Plastics - History of Innovation
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Services / Laboratory and Testing Capabilities


At Ensinger service starts with our ability to provide comprehensive advice on the thermoplastic materials we provide and the applications in industry for which they can be used. Our experts are skilled at analyzing part design concepts and matching the proper material and process combination that is best suited to meet your application criteria.

Business Development

Ensinger has Business Development Managers that are focused on each of the following industries:

  • Medical
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Semiconductor
  • Energy

We also have a national commercial Field Sales Force that is knowledgeable in the above industries and the materials they require. Our sales force is also knowledgable in the general industrial, automotive, food processing, construction and heavy equipment, agricultural, marine, electronics, and chemical processing industries among others.

Technical Services

Ensinger's Technical Services Department is capable of offering material and application advice and analysis, as well as information regarding agency approvals and material certifications and conformance. We also have resources for Quality Assurance and failure analysis. Ensinger’s full service lab is capable of providing a wide variety of product testing. To contact Ensinger Technical Services, please call 800-869-4029 and speak directly with one of our Engineering Tech Service Managers.

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